Board Members

  • William H. Lutes
    Chairman, President & Treasurer,
    Market President,
    Ameris Bank

  • Paula F. Lutes
    Vice President & Secretary,
    Corporate Counsel,
    State Farm

  • Ian Adair
    Director of Leadership Development and Credentialing,
    Association of Fundraising Professionals

  • Kyle D. Lutes
    Assistant Director of Quality Control,
    International Granite & Stone

Our Board of Directors guides the operations, oversees the effectiveness, and ensures the ethicalconduct of the Foundation.

Authority is vested in the Board as a whole and each Member is equipped to advance the Foundation’s Mission. Our Board of Directors exercises active fiscal oversight.

We recognize and act upon our obligations to multiple stakeholders including, but not limited to, donors, grantees, grant seekers, the public and governmental bodies.

Our Board of Directors respects donor intent and later generations’ interests while also considering the demands of a changing world.

We plan for family leadership continuity as the Foundation’s Board will consist of at least one representative of each generation. Upon reaching their 21st birthday, each family member will be offered the opportunity to participate in Foundation events and access leadership development programs to prepare them for potential leadership roles in the Foundation.